Retreat with Shaykh Jamaluddin from 30.08. until 01.09.2019 (two nights)


We wish our retreat to be a success, at the organisation level as well. Thus, may we ask all brothers and sisters to register in advance as accommodation is limited.


Kindly use the application form.



CHF 100.- (or 85 Euro) per person

CHF 170.- (or 145 Euro) per couple (sleeping separately)


Individuals who will not sleep over at Youth Hostel Bruder Klaus are free and welcome to dine with us. In order for our kitchen crew to plan ahead, please let us know if you will be accommodated elsewhere.

Expenses for families

Will be announced upon request. Kindly leave us a message.

A warm welcome to everybody!

We wish every interested person be able to join, regardless of his or her financial situation. Anybody having trouble covering the expenses, please get in touch with us.


Jugendunterkunft Bruder Klaus, Dossen, Flüeli-Ranft, Kanton Obwalden, Schweiz